Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Day Three

For Day Three, I chose to make a messenger bag. It is based loosely on an online pattern I found, but the pattern and accompanying tutorial was so riddled with problems that I no longer consider this bag to be from the pattern and will therefore not link to the tutorial. The tutorial gave wrong measurements, the instructions were confusing and worst of all, the person who posted the pattern used a picture from a bag that is for sale in retail stores and rather different from the pattern (I can't imagine that the poster even made a sample from the pattern). I don't mind a few mistakes in a pattern especially if you put it online free for use, but it bugs me that this person used a commercial image and from the looks of it guessed how the pattern should go.

The colors in the picture are a bit off, the bag is made out of dark green denim which I chose hoping for a eco-chic look. Unfortunately, it turned out a bit more army surplus than I wanted so I painted some purplish brown diamonds on the front. 

For this year's Banchero Auction Bags (last year's are here), my husband and I are thinking about messenger bags. So I guess this was a bit of a test run. Of course, this bag was a pain to put together and there are just so many pieces, that I may chose something a bit simpler for the auction.

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