Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Day One

I have been in a bit of a creativity slump lately. I just haven't much felt like making anything lately. So anyway, I figured that if I forced myself to just start sewing, I might break through this block. I have decided to issue myself a challenge to sew 30 bags in 30 days. So by October 9th, I should have a wide selection of emergency gifts (or 30 new bags for myself, but I'm guessing that I will have to get rid of a few since my bag collection is already out of control!). I have selected ten bag tutorials online that I will start with and then hopefully I will feel like creating a few (or rather 20) of my own design.

I started with the Gathered Clutch from Noodlehead's blog. Although it kind of feels like cheating, I started this bag on Day minus 1 and finished it on the first day. I also haven't decided whether or not I should be allowed to make two bags in one day and none on another day since the idea is to make something every day and if I am running short on time, I can always make a small pouch. But since it is my own challenge, I guess I can make up the rules and then change them along the way if I feel like it.

I really like the contrast of fabrics on this one, the lining is a dark maroon/brown with small pockets made out of the blue. I didn't take a picture of the back (I think one picture of each bag will have to do), so it is hard to see the main fabric, but it is an asian-inspired flower and bird print in bright spring-y colors.  The bag came together fairly quick, and although I didn't think I was going to keep it, I used it yesterday and it is perfect for carrying around my phone and a few other odds and ends.

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