Friday, September 17, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Day Eight

For Day Eight, I made the Phoebe bag from artsy-crafty babe. Like the cowboy duffel from Day Six, the fabric I chose has been languishing in a pile because of its large pattern, so again I chose a bag that had bigger pieces. The bag is big enough to hold just about anything but because of the soft curves, I don't think that it will look like a huge bag once it is full.

My trusty old iron has been on the fritz lately, and I was hoping to get a new one as a holiday gift. It just hasn't been getting as hot lately and the steam buttons are stuck and no longer working. It turns out I couldn't wait because a few days ago, it started leaking water real bad (every time I picked it up, there was a huge wet spot on the ironing board). Besides the fact that I don't really want everything I iron to be soaking wet, it was also a huge pain to keep filling up the water. So anyway, I purchased a new iron yesterday, and because of a faulty design, it also leaks. I am returning it immediately and I guess I will be sticking with the old spray bottle and dry iron until I can afford a nicer iron that doesn't spill water everywhere.

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