Thursday, March 25, 2010

Question Block Blankie

Way back in October, I started and finished crocheting this blanket for some friends who are bringing a new little person into the world.  Although I had every intention of sending it out once it was completed, it has been languishing away on top of my dryer for five months.  In a typical fashion, I could never get it together to iron out the edge curls and give it a quick wash.  Needless to say, my friends have had their baby and now that I am sending out the blankie (hopefully before the kid outgrows little blankets), posting about it seems safe.  I figure that even if my friends used to check the blog, taking care of a newborn probably doesn't leave much time for surfing.  Congrats to Jason and Kassie (on being the recipients of one of my hand made creations of course).

Miles checked out the blanket and I guess approved of it since she spent some time rolling around and sleeping on it.

Monday, March 15, 2010


My nephew is totally obsessed with Spiderman!  For awhile, he carried around a headless Spidey doll and would stick out his hand in the web shooting pose and go "pshooo, pshooo."  Last year I made him and my husband (who is also obsessed with Spiderman) matching beanies.  This last weekend, they went to the Emerald City Comicon and got their pictures taken with Stan Lee.  Stan Lee awesomely put his arm around my nephew and struck a classic pose.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Banchero Bags

Banchero Friends Services, an advocate organization for adults with developmental disabilities, holds a charitable auction every year to raise money for the amazing work that they do. This year I decided to donate six handmade tote bags for the auction. You can learn more about Banchero here.

Each bag is appliqued with a tree (the Banchero logo is a tree). They are all made of canvas and fully lined.

It took a few weekends and lots of help from my husband/sweatshop supervisor, but they are all ready to go and I think they turned out awesome. My favorite is the one with the pink and green leaves. It was supposed to just be the "test" bag to make sure the size was right and everything worked, but it turned out so well that it made it into the final six.

Detailed pics of each bag after jump.