Sunday, March 14, 2010

Banchero Bags

Banchero Friends Services, an advocate organization for adults with developmental disabilities, holds a charitable auction every year to raise money for the amazing work that they do. This year I decided to donate six handmade tote bags for the auction. You can learn more about Banchero here.

Each bag is appliqued with a tree (the Banchero logo is a tree). They are all made of canvas and fully lined.

It took a few weekends and lots of help from my husband/sweatshop supervisor, but they are all ready to go and I think they turned out awesome. My favorite is the one with the pink and green leaves. It was supposed to just be the "test" bag to make sure the size was right and everything worked, but it turned out so well that it made it into the final six.

Detailed pics of each bag after jump.


  1. These are beautiful! So many wonderful details - It looks like it forever to make them!! Good job! Thank you for sharing :)

    TheCreativePlace from swapbot

  2. swapbot:Samash

    These are amazing and look so userfriendly too but most of all I love trees and leaves so definately my thing :)

  3. these are fantastic and for a great cause! Id love to see if there is anything like that here in N Ireland.. I would love to support the cause. Thanks for sharing :0
    CDonovan - swapbot

  4. These bags are really lovely. They look appliqued! Rebecca Ednie/thebragal Swap-Bot

  5. Lovely!
    -mariaisabel from swap-bot

  6. I actually cannot pick my favorite. I guess if I had to pick it would be the one on the far left. I love the trunk of it. It reminds me of our old growth forest here. You did a lovely thing, donating to a good cause. Good on you!
    ~Jaemac from swap-bot

  7. they are all lovely. It's difficult to choose, it's good thing they're sold! I'd really want to buy one.

    GP of swapbot

  8. Cool bags. Can I have one please? ;) I really like them. This is an eyecatcher when you go shopping.

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  9. Those are fantastic bags.


  10. Wow. I am blown away by these. They are so beautiful. How awesome you donated them to such a good cause. Have you ever considered selling these online? Or maybe you do already? I didn't see a link to a shop on your blog. Because I would buy one of these in a heartbeat. You have some serious talent! ~ candyn/swapbot

  11. wow these are great, love glendas sb

  12. lovey bags , so generous of u ,
    lucyco ........... swapbot

  13. love these bags. I love the look of the texture and colours!

    Following your blog from swap-bot


    ElizabethMD (swap-bot partner)