Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Day Seven

So I made a wallet from this tutorial. While I was making the wallet, it called for bias tape around the edge. I was kind of surprised that I didn't have any at all anywhere in my stash, so I purchased some. Once I got to the part where I was to apply the bias tape, it suddenly dawned on me why I didn't have any. I hate the stuff. I can never get it to lie flat and it gets all wonky and out of sorts. I finished the wallet, but cannot bring myself to send a picture of this horribly crafted monstrosity out into the ether. So instead, here is a not so great picture of my cat guarding an orange (she is so cute in real life, but she is definitely not photogenic as all the pictures I have of her turn out a little bit wonky like bias tape).

I will probably give this wallet another go since I loved the fabrics I chose and I think the wallet could be really nice. Next time I will make the whole thing a bit bigger and just use a sew wrong sides together and turn technique for the finishing instead of bias tape. I made add a bit of trim though because one of the things I liked the best about this wallet was the contrasting bias tape around the edge.

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