Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bags, bags, and more bags

A few weekends ago, I decided it was time to retire my everyday purse (it was a lovely handmade small messenger bag style purse, but it is getting worn out). So I decided I would make myself a new bag, or three. Really, I didn't know what type of bag I would want to use, and I couldn't resist making quite a few. So by Sunday evening, I had a wall of bags...

By the time I took this picture, I had already given away the dragon bag (posted separately below).

I love this fabric, and the simple bag design turned out well with such a busy fabric.

Here is a close-up of the patchwork dresden circle bag. I should post a link to the page where I got the idea for this bag, but I can't seem to find it. It was originally intended to just be a straight dresden circle bag, but the first circles I sewed up were disproportionate and too small, so I cut it all up and added some more fabric to make the patchwork panels.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fire Flower Mini Quilt

I thought I was done making Mario themed crafts, but the mini-quilts just seem to keep coming... and I am so glad, cuz this one is my favorite so far. Someone, (crosswordnerd), had hoped to get me as her partner for a scarf swap so she could make a Mario-themed scarf, but no such luck. Anyway, she contacted me and asked to do a private Mario swap. She made me an awesome Yoshi scarf and matching fingerless mitts, and I of course made her a mini-quilt. As husband joked, a fire flower is perfect for a trivet, because you put hot stuff on it (a joke that was slightly funny the first time, not so funny the second time and kind of annoying the third time).

I have a back-log of video game related crafts to post soon, and I keep thinking that this one will be the last, but, no promises, working in 8-bit is just too much fun. Until later...

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Legend of Husband: A Pillow of Link

Problem: Wife has been burnt out on making my visions of living in a video game-themed home a reality
Solution:  Take a more proactive approach 

Plan: (In no particular order) 
1) Ask wife to release current ban on me touching all her cool craft gadgets
2) Ask wife to show me how to use those crafty gadgets to create stuff
3) Create stuff
4) Takeover Diffusible Interfacing
5) Takeover the world
After approaching wife with my ultimate plan, she happily agreed to show me the ropes.  I was thinking about creating a historical mega-quilt series displaying some screen shots from the classic video games of our generation, but she suggested that I start with something simpler (and more realistic).  We decided on a small Link throw pillow.  (A big thanks to The Retroist for the pillow design).

Link bit by bit

The finished product looks nice on our couch, though its hard for me not to be distracted by the handsome mug on the pillow next to it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mario window (UPDATE)

UPDATE: I finally got a halfway decent picture of the Mario Window at night. It's not great and it still doesn't show how awesome the whole thing looks with the flashing lights behind it, but behold...

PROBLEM: I just really don't want to make anymore Mario themed creations. I am burnt out on 8-bit art. Unfortunately, Hubby keeps wanting me to make more.
SOLUTION: Hubby should make his own damn Mario stuff!!!
PROBLEM: He refuses to learn to crochet or sew and is generally too lazy to paint or sculpt.
SOLUTION: Perler beads!

PROBLEM: The Mario Perler bead creations are getting out of control.
SOLUTION: Make a faux stained glass window out of plexi-glass, some weird lightweight space modeling clay, a few screws, christmas lights, and lots of clear tape. (After numerous ideas, a few attempts with other materials, this was the best solution).

Here we are carefully squishing the space clay into the perler beads.

And here is the finished piece in the front window of our house. At night it lights up which is really awesome, but of course since its so awesome all lit up, those pictures turned out horribly.