Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Days Four and Five

I kind of figured that taking pictures, uploading said pictures and updating my blog would be the part of this project that I had the hardest time with. And I was right. I totally forgot to update with Bag Four yesterday (but I didn't forget to make a bag). Of course this works out well since Bag Four and Bag Five are actually the same bag pattern but with different fabric and a few modifications.

My older sister just had a baby and I needed to make her something, so I am putting together some blankets and burp cloths. I found this Lucille Picnic Bag-sket on sewtakeahike and I thought not only would it be a good way to present the blankets and cloths, but also a pretty useful bag to have around for throwing toys, diapers, clothes and other baby stuff in. So on Day Four, I made a sample to be sure of size and functionality.  I really like the bright colors and the Hawaiian Print. I think it would make a perfect beach bag for a towel, book and a bottle of water. 

I decided that the size was right, but that the bag for my sister needed a little more body so for the second bag, I interfaced the whole thing (I used sew in interfacing and it works out so much better that fusible. I think I am done with fussing around trying to get all the bubbles out with fusible). The bag is reversible with a floral pattern on one side and a check pattern on the other.

These bags remind me of a firewood carrying bag where the bag doesn't really take shape until after you put stuff in it and pick it up (you can see this a little better in the second picture). Anyway, both bags turned out really well and I am excited to fill the second one up with goodies. 

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  1. aww, Yoshi, they turned out so cute!!! Very nice work! Thank-you so much for letting me know about this post and for leaving the info about how much fabric is required on my blog post. :)