Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Days Eighteen and Nineteen

For Day Eighteen I decided to have another go at a purse frame. After much hair pulling, I have decided that I will stick with zippers, buttons and velcro. It just takes so much work and concentration and I am not totally thrilled with the outcome. But anyway...

Both Bag Eighteen and Nineteen are made out of this awesome fabric that my husband picked out for me when I dragged him to the Fabric Depot in Portland (which was a big disappointment after wanting to go there for years and years). I haven't wanted to cut into the fabric because it is so gorgeous, but all fabric must be cut up eventually. For Bag Nineteen, I modified my Market Bag pattern a bit and had another go at it. I think I will try filling both bags up and see which one I like better or if the best is somewhere in between.

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