Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Days Fourteen and Fifteen

I am finally caught up with the bags and blogs (I even have a bag made and ready to post for tomorrow). Also, I have made it halfway through the challenge (so yippee for me!).

For Bag Fourteen, I decided to work on a pattern for one of my favorite bags, an everyday purse/market tote. I have made a few of them, but since I just draw my pattern onto the fabric, each bag comes out a little differently. I decided I would like a pattern so I wouldn't have to go through the drawing, trimming, and adding every time. Of course the pattern I created was a bit shorter and wider than I would have liked, but I will just fiddle with it a bit for the next one. One of the reasons I really like this bag is that it is big enough to hold some groceries but it doesn't look out of place if I carry it as a purse. Also, the bags folds up small enough to fit in my jacket pocket.

The modification for this bag that I am super excited about is this double hook thingy for the button. You can choose which position to button depending on how much stuff you are carrying.

The bag for Day Fifteen was inspired by this sweet fabric I found a remnant of at the fabric store. As soon as I saw the print, I could tell that it was going to be a beach bag with plastic or wood handles.

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