Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Days Nine, Ten and Eleven

I have fallen a bag behind in sewing and many bags behind in blogging about it. But once again since it is my challenge, I get to make up the rules and I say that I am right on time. For Bags Nine and Ten, I made small coin purses.

Bag Nine is loosely based on the Laundry Day Clutch from U-Handbag.com and was my first attempt at using a purse frame. The frame is scuffed up a little from bending it without wrapping my pliers in fabric (I figured that out quickly though and took a picture so you can't see it) but other than that, I am quite pleased with the bag.

Bag Ten is based on this tutorial. As if installing a zipper on a curve wasn't difficult enough, I used a zipper that has been folded up in the bottom of my sewing box for years and I couldn't ever get the bumps out of the zipper, so I am not too pleased with the way this turned out. I think I might use this type of pattern (where you fully line the fabric before sewing the sides up) with a purse frame next time.

Finally, Bag Eleven is a cute little patchwork number. I started with this tutorial from Kristin La Flamme, but sewed the bag together without reading through the rest of the pattern (it was late and I was pretty tired), so instead of having half-patchwork on either side, one side is patched and one side is plain. I really like it anyway and I think I will definitely do more patchwork for the other bags since it is so cute and reminds me of a Holly Hobby purse I had as a child.

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