Thursday, August 12, 2010


This past weekend, a friend of ours got married. Not only did we leave the beautiful, cool Pacific Northwest and endure a week of horribly humid East Coast weather for our friends, we also painted this awesome Mario wedding painting as a gift (I thought I was done with the Mario crafting, but it was for a wedding). In addition to the couple's love of all things Mario (you can tell why we get along), our friend is also obsessed with Curious George. As you can see the foolish monkey is stealing Mario's hat in the painting (Curious George has likely never come across such a skillful item grabber).  As usual, my husband designed and started the painting, but then grew bored and was suddenly too "busy" to finish it by wedding time. Therefore all the tedious bits were left for me to paint (collaboration through necessity).

Also, thanks to everyone for voting for the Mario Shelf in the Happy Seamstress contest, the shelf is a finalist!

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