Monday, January 4, 2010

The Legend of Husband: A Pillow of Link

Problem: Wife has been burnt out on making my visions of living in a video game-themed home a reality
Solution:  Take a more proactive approach 

Plan: (In no particular order) 
1) Ask wife to release current ban on me touching all her cool craft gadgets
2) Ask wife to show me how to use those crafty gadgets to create stuff
3) Create stuff
4) Takeover Diffusible Interfacing
5) Takeover the world
After approaching wife with my ultimate plan, she happily agreed to show me the ropes.  I was thinking about creating a historical mega-quilt series displaying some screen shots from the classic video games of our generation, but she suggested that I start with something simpler (and more realistic).  We decided on a small Link throw pillow.  (A big thanks to The Retroist for the pillow design).

Link bit by bit

The finished product looks nice on our couch, though its hard for me not to be distracted by the handsome mug on the pillow next to it.

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