Friday, January 1, 2010

Mario window (UPDATE)

UPDATE: I finally got a halfway decent picture of the Mario Window at night. It's not great and it still doesn't show how awesome the whole thing looks with the flashing lights behind it, but behold...

PROBLEM: I just really don't want to make anymore Mario themed creations. I am burnt out on 8-bit art. Unfortunately, Hubby keeps wanting me to make more.
SOLUTION: Hubby should make his own damn Mario stuff!!!
PROBLEM: He refuses to learn to crochet or sew and is generally too lazy to paint or sculpt.
SOLUTION: Perler beads!

PROBLEM: The Mario Perler bead creations are getting out of control.
SOLUTION: Make a faux stained glass window out of plexi-glass, some weird lightweight space modeling clay, a few screws, christmas lights, and lots of clear tape. (After numerous ideas, a few attempts with other materials, this was the best solution).

Here we are carefully squishing the space clay into the perler beads.

And here is the finished piece in the front window of our house. At night it lights up which is really awesome, but of course since its so awesome all lit up, those pictures turned out horribly.


  1. This is the coolest thing ever!!! Your husband is super lucky! Great project!

  2. I think her husband actually made this (the majority of it anyway). But I agree that he clearly must be a VERY VERY lucky man.

  3. this must have taken so much time! He is a lucky man.
    CDonovan - swapbot

  4. My son saw this and is in LOVE! Rebecca Ednie/thebragal Swap-Bot

  5. I sure do not have the slightest idea what u did. But my kids would have loved it if it glows in the dark!

    GP of swapbot

  6. I love your blog. Your crafts are unique and your writing is witty and fun to read. I know so many people that would love this, btw. ~ candyn/swapbot

  7. This is soooo cool!! Love it!!

    (Agnetha - SwapBot)

  8. LOVE THIS!!!! Yay for Nintendo!!! :)

    TheCreativePlace from swapbot