Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fire Flower Mini Quilt

I thought I was done making Mario themed crafts, but the mini-quilts just seem to keep coming... and I am so glad, cuz this one is my favorite so far. Someone, (crosswordnerd), had hoped to get me as her partner for a scarf swap so she could make a Mario-themed scarf, but no such luck. Anyway, she contacted me and asked to do a private Mario swap. She made me an awesome Yoshi scarf and matching fingerless mitts, and I of course made her a mini-quilt. As husband joked, a fire flower is perfect for a trivet, because you put hot stuff on it (a joke that was slightly funny the first time, not so funny the second time and kind of annoying the third time).

I have a back-log of video game related crafts to post soon, and I keep thinking that this one will be the last, but, no promises, working in 8-bit is just too much fun. Until later...


  1. I just clicked over from Geek Crafts. I love it!

  2. swapbot:samash

    these are amazing, they will look great when your using them and you'll have a variety to choose from

  3. I love your geek inspired crafts! im also following your blog :D
    -mariaisabel from swap-bot

  4. What a cute one!

    (Agnetha - SwapBot)

  5. lovely quilt
    lucyco ........... swapbot

  6. this is brilliant! would be a brilliant present for a geeky friend who's just had a baby

    samuraijen - swapbot