Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 Bags in 30 Days - Days Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five

For Bag Twenty-Four, I made another messenger bag, this time with gear appliques. Although I thought the bag took a long time to make (I worked on it over a few days), the time to make it was nothing compared to the time it has taken me to get a half-way decent picture of it. This bag has sat through three different photo shoots and I still can't find a good picture. I think the dark-ish color of the fabric is throwing it off. Anyway, two photos, one of the bag and a close-up of the detail. The gears are appliqued on with a metallic thread (which was not nearly as difficult to work with as I had always imagined it would be).

On an unrelated note, my cat was recently exposed to toxic gamma rays and has now developed super-speed. Because she is so fast, you can only see a blur in the upper-left hand corner of the above picture.

For Bag Twenty-Five, I made an armband cozee for my MP3 player. This was mostly because when I woke up on Day Twenty-Five, I wanted to clean my house and all my clothing items with good pockets for holding the damn thing were in the wash.

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