Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkins for a video game obsessed household.

This was the first Halloween where we lived in a place that had a chance for trick-or-treaters so we obviously needed pumpkins. For weeks we had been contemplating what to carve our pumpkins as and we had settled on a Pac-Man theme. When I went to purchase squash and pumpkins, I ran across this awesome, scary, ready for Halloween Turban squash. This squash needed no carving, it already looked like the birth of an alien. Out went the plans for Pac-Man, I just picked up an array of pumpkins and squashes and figured we would see it all when the squash was sitting at home.

Even though the turban squash could have just sat out on the porch without any changes, it needed to be painted for the theme. First it was painted white, making it look like a gigantic garlic.Then it was painted to resemble a one-up mushroom. It reminds me of an aqua teen hunger force interpretation of a one up mushroom.

Of course, all of the pieces for the Pac-Man theme pumpkins were easily converted into a chain chomp.

And finally, the cutest pumpkin, the Bob-omb pumpkin, complete with eye cut-outs used as feet and a tinfoil covered tube as a fuse (the tinfoil had holes in it and when it was dark, the candle light shown through like sparks).

Here is the whole porch scene (including a very curious cat). Unfortunately it was hard to get good pictures at night when everything was lit up. Lots of kids really like the black pumpkins, "mommy, i never seen black pumpkins," "those are cool" unfortunately, it was only a few grown ups who recognized the scene.


  1. These are so awesome! ~ candyn

  2. wow these are great. love glendas sb

  3. wow..i never saw so big pumpkin like tis. agnes sim for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs

  4. Such good idea!

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